2017 Mount Pleasant Calendar of Events

April 14-15--Lads To Leaders Convention in Nashville

April 28-30--Spring Gospel Meeting with Brad Harrub

May 5-6--Retreat at Big Reedy Christian Camp

May 14--High School and College Graduates Recognition

Mondays in June and July--Summer Youth Series (more details later)

Wednesdays in June and July--Mid-week Summer Series (various speakers)

June 11-16--Summer Bible Camp at Big Reedy Christian Camp

July 15--Member Appreciation Day and VBS Kick-off

July 16-19--Vacation Bible School

September 17--Great Day To Remember In September

November 4--Elders and Deacons Planning Session

January 29, April 30, July 30, December 31--Fifth Sunday contribution will be used toward the building debt.