Sunday & Wednesday Evening Services To Resume

Greetings! As we strive for our church family to assemble as normal, we feel it is the proper time to begin evening services again. We will be assembling Sunday evenings at 6 pm beginning June 14. We will be assembling Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pmbeginning June 17. For now, all assemblies will be limited to the auditorium. Also, the two services on Sunday morning at 8:30 am and 10:30 am will continue at this time but subject to change in the near future. We will be continuing at all services to promote safety and encourage you to use your best judgment based upon the situation of you and your family.


Thank you for your patience as we have tried to work through this trying time. The eldership appreciates all your words of support and encouragement and we encourage you to call on us if you need anything.




Mt. Pleasant Elders