Bible Camp 2014

Bible Camp 2014

As our young people and adult staff from Mount Pleasant prepare to attend Bible Camp next week, please read an article written by Mike Greene at Lehman Avenue Church of Christ:

This Sunday 27 adult staff members and 80 young folks from the area will do as countless other adults and young folks will do this summer. They will gather at a designated facility for a week of Bible camp, or church camp. They will spend a week in the heat, sleeping on a hard bunk bed with a worn out mattress in a cabin that is not anything like their nice bedroom at home. Why would they do that?
I have been involved with camp since 1973 in one way or another. I never had the opportunity to attend as a camper. But I am sold on the value of camp. It costs a lot of man hours and money to run a camp. Eighty campers at a little over $100 per camper figures out to be $8,000 no matter how you slice it. And that doesn’t even consider the cost of the camp itself! Is it worth the man hours and money? Obviously I believe it is. But consider what some other folks say about it.

“Christian Camp is one of the best things that the churches in this county (Maury County, Tennessee) do. It is the highlight of the year for many young people. It is a wonderful combination of fun and faith that is hard to put into words. Camp is truly one of those “mountain top” experiences that helps deepen faith and build Christian bonds that are enduring. Camp was a major impact on my life as a teenager. It helped me 1) grow in my faith 2) have opportunities to be a spiritual leader 3) build Christian friendships with brothers and sisters outside my congregation, and later, 4) gave me the opportunity to work as a counselor helping build the faith of the next generation. The camp experience cannot be replicated anywhere but camp.”
James Thomas,
President, Columbia Academy
Columbia, Tennessee

“For many years ——— directed the week of camp that I attended. It was thrilling to be a part of the spiritual growth that occurred at camp. There is simply nothing like it. To this day I am good friends with a man who I met at camp. He later became a Christian, married a Christian lady, and they are rearing a wonderful Christian family. I can honestly say that I believe camp made an eternal difference in his life as well as mine.”
Kyle Butt
Apologetics Press
Montgomery, Alabama

“For approximately 20 years of my adult life I’ve been involved as a Bible class teacher,
counselor, and board member with Christian Youth Camps. From those years of experience, I have come to the conclusion that there are few things that have the ability to positively impact our young people as much as Christian camp. Getting away from cell phones, computers, television, gaming systems, and all other distractions and spending a week focused on God, his word, and Christian companionship is priceless. I personally don’t know of any effort we undertake in our local congregations that equals the good that is accomplished through that week of Bible camp.”
Steve Higginbotham, minister
Karns church of Christ, Knoxville, Tennessee

“A few years ago a teenage girl visited a family for the summer. She didn’t know anyone in the area except for the people she was staying with. Knowing that she would have a tremendous experience at church camp, they signed her up to come to our first week of church camp. She had never attended any type of camp. The young lady was very quiet and reserved all week. She participated in all activities that were offered to her and she also made some new friends. But she really didn’t stand out as a camper.
“A week later we offered another week of church camp for those who couldn’t attend the first week. She decided to attend that week also. This time she was better prepared in what she should expect. She wasn’t as reserved. One night she came and asked me what she would need to do to become a Christian. She had learned some things in Bible classes and wanted to be a part of something so special. We sat down and studied and prayed together. We decided that we would let her think about this and do some study on her own.
“The next day she came to me and said she wanted to be a Christian and wanted to do it right then. After a little more study and prayer, she was baptized into Christ. This young lady came to camp as a stranger and left as my sister. That’s what Christian camp is all about!”
Webb Williams, Public School Teacher, Youth Minister, Camp Director

Reading these words helps you to appreciate why I am sold on camp and encourage all young folks to attend. There really is nothing like it. Thanks to the elders for their vision in seeing the value of camp and supporting this great work. Please pray for the success of our week at camp this coming week.
–Michael D. Greene, Lehman Ave. Church of Christ