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4th & 5th Sunday Services
Area Events
Gospel Meetings
Special Events
Worship Assemblies
Mid-Week Summer Series

7:00 pm - Gary Knuckles, Briensburg (KY) Church of Christ, Glasgow, KY - "Mr. Unreliable" II Timothy 4:9-12

Wed PM Bible Study
08/01/18, 07:00pm
Sun AM Bible Study
08/05/18, 09:30am
Sun AM Worship
08/05/18, 10:30am
SHINE at Three Forks Church of Christ

9 A.M. The Annual SHINE event is taking place at Three Forks Church of Christ.

Security Team Meeting

After morning services

Sun PM Worship
08/05/18, 06:00pm
Summer Youth Series - Scottsville
08/06/18, 07:00pm

"Evangelism: The Parable of the Sower"
Speaker: TBA
Youth are invited to attend the Summer Series event at Scottsville Church of Christ. The bus will leave from Mt. Pleasant at 5:45.

Wed PM Bible Study
08/08/18, 07:00pm
Teacher: Chris Robison
Teachers Meeting

There will be a 1-hour Teachers Meeting at 10 A.M. to review the new goals for Mt. Pleasant’s Education Program. All teachers are encouraged to attend.

Sun AM Bible Study
08/12/18, 09:30am
Sun AM Worship
08/12/18, 10:30am
Sun PM Worship
08/12/18, 06:00pm
Teacher: Chris Robison
Wed PM Bible Study
08/15/18, 07:00pm
Sun AM Bible Study
08/19/18, 09:30am
Sun AM Worship
08/19/18, 10:30am
Sun PM Worship
08/19/18, 06:00pm
Teacher: Chris Robison
Wed PM Bible Study
08/22/18, 07:00pm
6th grade and under get together

5 PM. 6th grade and below get together at the Cypher's House. Bring desserts, BBQ sides, and lawn chairs.

Sun AM Bible Study
08/26/18, 09:30am
Sun AM Worship
08/26/18, 10:30am
D.I.Y. Classroom Design!

D.I.Y. Classroom Design! All fall teachers and those willing to help get the Fall Classrooms ready
for the Fall Quarter after morning services. Lunch will be provided for all those who stay and help

4th Sunday Night Fellowship

After evening services. Meal theme: salad and sandwiches.

Elder, Deacons and Preachers Meeting
08/26/18, 05:00pm

In the library/conference room.

Sun PM Worship
08/26/18, 06:00pm
Teacher: Chris Robison
Wed PM Bible Study
08/29/18, 07:00pm